#PopNow Feature: Friendship Goals with Lively Craze

Sometimes in this crazy thing called life, you come across a couple of stars in the darkness and this week’s PopNow Feature is one of those special moments. When we first met Alex and Kelly of Lively Craze, we thought they were a couple of stylish go-getting friends with a unique twist on a blog. Two friends who love fashion, bringing their different points of view, tastes in fashion, and sense of style to the table. A celebration of differences which we thought was a genius idea! But when we got to know them, we were blessed to learn about the amazing and strong women they are. Not only are they creators of a blog and brand, they are an example of the true meaning of friendship. Through hardship, they came together to make their dreams a reality. Getting to know Alex and Kelly has been nothing short of inspiring. To see two strong women take their dreams into their own hands and rise to become the true meaning of girl boss is nothing short of amazing!





We paired up with Alex and Kelly who styled our Coffee & Compliments Tee and our Mermaid Off Duty Tank into two super cute wearable looks for fall! Take some notes girls, because they created two looks that are easy to pair with pieces in your closet and for every body type. Get to know them more in the interview below:

1. What made you decide to start blogging?
We decided to start blogging when Alex discovered she had cancer. We always had a passion for fashion and when Alex found out about her cancer we kind of said to ourselves what are we waiting for? Life if short we have to do something that we love!
2. Why did you decide to start blogging together? 
We never realized that a lot of bloggers blog alone, we knew it was a big task to take on and was going to be a lot of work and we didn’t want to do it alone. We are always there for each other so it just made sense to continue on this next venture together.




3. How would each of you describe your personal style?
Alex: I am probably the one who will spend a little more with my outfit, Kelly would say that I always have the next it thing.
Kelly: I am a little more conservative with spending, I like to put together great outfits at an affordable price.
We both love to dress up but we also love our leggings and sweaters as well, what girl doesn’t !
4. What is your go-to accessory?
Kelly: My go-to accessory changes for sure but right now I am all about the chokers, love bringing back the 90’s trend.
Alex: My go to accessory is always my watch, I don’t know why but I always feel naked when I don’t have it on.
5. Favorite ice cream!
Alex’s is Mint Chocolate Chip and Kelly’s is Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough obviously !
6. What is one thing you admire about each other?
Kelly: I admire a lot about Alex. She is an extremely hard worker, very dedicated and always knows the right thing to say when you are in a bad mood. She always listens to any problems I have and is never quick to judge. Sometime I wonder how she puts up with me!
Alex: I admire Kelly’s passion in what she does, her drive in all her goals in life and her daring side to say the things I won’t. I’ve learned a lot from her through the years and she may not know it but I love the way she pushes me some days. She will always support me though no matter what and that the best feature of being friends with her.
7. Finally, where do you hope to see your blog grow and develop?
We hope to keep on growing with our blog just like any blogger. We have really met so many wonderful people through blogging and we hope to meet more bloggers as well as work with more amazing brands and designers. When we became bloggers we really didn’t realize the amount of dedication everyone puts into it. Eventually we would love to make it our full time job and create our own line.
Make sure you go and check out Alex and Kelly’s Blog Lively Craze here and be sure to Follow them on Instagram for more fashion inspo and cute ootd’s!
Shop our tees below:
xoxo,Population Now (1)

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